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1300 Helpline

Having Difficulty navigating the Mental Health Sector? We are here to help.


What happens when you call us?

Mental Health Foundation Australia's trained, empathetic, culturally sensitive staff receive your call. They provide emotional and practical support to families, carers, and individuals with mental health issues, or for someone simply needing information about positive mental health. The response team does not provide counselling but can arrange a call back from a trained Psychologist / Counsellor . The staff can also liaise with local communities and services to identify who is best placed to provide the help families need.


When to call a helpline?

 People call us with lots of different problems. Some of them include:

- Feeling overwhelmed

- Feeling lonely or isolated

- Feeling unsafe

- needing help to navigate through the mental health sector

- wanting to know the services available in their area

- unsure of the sympotoms

- needing information about a particular mental illness

and so on. Remember -  It’s completely okay to call a helpline – no problem is too big or small.


Who can call a helpline?

- Someone wanting help for themselves

- A family, friend or someone close who is going through a mental health issues

- General public wanting information about the services we offer


Our friendly staff can assist you in finding appropriate sercvice or advise you of the course of action for you or for your loved one.



If you’re not comfortable with these options, perhaps check our Mental Health Email Support Option, simply send an email to . You can also consider confiding in a friend, family member or another trusted adult. Remember: recognising that you need help and then asking for it are the first steps towards feeling better.


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