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6 October - National Symposium on Teachers Mental Health and Wellbeing


Event Description

Over 50% of Australian teachers suffer from anxiety and nearly one-fifth, from depression. The mental health and wellbeing of teachers’ is extremely important, not only because of the detrimental effect on teachers’ themselves but also the direct impact on the students’ experiences in a classroom.

The main sources that affect the mental health of teachers,’ includes excessive workload, time pressure and behavioural challenges with students, management of bullying and reactive management strategies and difficulties with colleagues and parents.

With that in mind, the Foundation is organising a National Symposium on Teachers’ Mental Health to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing among principals and teachers, and to have a discussion on the status of support services available to them.


Free entry, donations are accepted.

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Sponsoring this event offers many rewards but probably the greatest benefit for your organization is the opportunity to open itself to a wider audience, networking with Principals, Teachers, Principals' and Teachers' Associations, Federal, State and Local Government representatives, Mental Health Foundation Australia Board members and the extensive promotional period during the lead up to the month. This includes advertisements on the MHFA website, social media, newsletters, ministerial events and mainstream media/publicity. The possibilities are endless in terms of sponsorship opportunities. Outlined below are some available options, but we can also tailor packages to suit your organisation.

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The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) relies heavily on the generosity of the general community to deliver the services and advocacy needed in the community. Your donation can make a massive difference and will assist us to reduce the rising rates of mental illness and suicide across Australia and help to further educate the community regarding preventative measures and professional areas of support.

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