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Community Education Seminar



Community Education Seminar Series 2019

Mental Health Foundation Australia Community Education Seminar series attracts leaders in the field of mental health who give the attendee an insight into their particular specialities. The seminars generally run on every 1st Tuesday of each month at the Melbourne Clinic, Richmond. 

MARCH 5, 2019 Dr Alberto Veloso Understanding mental illness in children and adolescents
APRIL 2, 2019 Dr Sebastian Jungnickel Who can we blame for addiction? Drugs? Addicts? Or our society? A psychiatrist's view of addiction with a ray of hope
MAY 7, 2019 Prof Anne Buist Parenting Assessments: where mental illness meets protective services.
JUNE 4, 2019 Dr Tetyana Rocks Diet and Mental Health
JULY 2, 2019 Prof Peter Barlis Managing Hearts and Minds: An overview of Heart Diseases and Mental Health
AUGUST 6, 2019 Prof Jayashri Kulkarni Women's Mental Health - The latest but not the greatest
SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 Prof Bruce Tonge Youth Depression

OCTOBER 1, 2019 Dr Chris Morgan Behavioural activation as a self-help strategy for better management of anxiety and depression
NOVEMBER 12, 2019 Prof Greg Murray Innovations in the Psychological Management of Bipolar Disorder
DECEMBER 3, 2019 Prof Malcolm Hopwood New Treatments for Depression