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Support Group for Depression

Depression Support Group meet every 4th Wednesday of the month

2020 Dates: 25th March, 22nd April, 27h May, 24th June, 22nd July, 26th August, 23rd September, 28th October, 25th November 2020

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 PM

Venue: Online Until Further Notice


At any given point of time, one in 16 Australians experience Depression. Depression causes physical and psychological symptoms, which can include persistent sadness, fatigue, insomnia, pain, self-harm, futility, lack of concentration, loss of pleasure in things and activities that were once enjoyed, and thoughts of suicide.

 If your life feels like it is on a downward trajectory and you are struggling to cope, perhaps a support group might help. Our support group for depression sessions offer sufferers and carers the opportunity to discuss their depression and help them learn how to deal with their fears, knowing they are not alone.

 Through group discussion we focus on the symptoms of depression and how to manage them to promote better mental health. The caring and sharing of the group offers relief from isolation and loneliness.

 We encourage family members and friends to attend the sessions in order to gain enough awareness about the illness and how to support their loved ones. 


Swati Gossain is the facilitator for the depression support group, she has been passionate about mental health and has always had a strong desire to help people and the community.

Contact us for any questions: or phone 1300 643 287.

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