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Support Group for Family Violence


The group meets every 2nd Monday of the month


2020 Dates: 11th May, 8th June, 13th July, 10th August, 14th September, 12th October, 9th November, 13th December 2020


Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Venue:Online Until Further Notice


About: On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. 1 in 4 women have experienced physical, verbal or emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15. Many people find it difficult to talk to anyone about the abuse they go through within their home. For many who are victims of domestic violence, friends and family are often the first people they talk to about it. It takes a lot of time, planning, help and courage to escape domestic violence.


Victims of domestic violence may be trapped in domestic violent situations through isolation, power and control by their partner, traumatic bonding to the abuser, cultural acceptance, lack of financial resources, fear, shame, or to protect children.


It's important to know that help is available from people who know and care about your situation.


 Our Family Violence support group might be the safe space one is looking for, to know their rights or to heal emotional scars by sharing with people who care.

Contact us for any questions: or phone 1300 643 287.

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