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Australian Multicultural Ambassador Program


The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) is delighted to invite you to join our MHFA Multicultural Ambassador Program (MCA) in 2021.

Applications for the MHFA Multicultural Ambassador Program 2021 are open to all members of the community who represent one Australia's many multicultural communities and is passionate about better mental health outcomes, increased awareness and reduced stigma around mental health issues in Australia's CALD communities. 

Applications are open nationwide, please forward this to anyone you believe would suit the role. 

Aim of the Program


The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) aims to engage multicultural and Indigenous communities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing, via a network of dedicated volunteers throughout Australia.

Welcoming and engaging with these community representatives is a key responsibility of the Foundation. The Foundation and individuals benefit from the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with their communities and related groups. It provides a wonderful opportunity for multicultural ambassadors to address mental health issues specific to those communities.

The MHFA provides an administrative framework, transparency of decision-making and enhanced support for ambassadors while enabling them to become more involved in the Better Mental Health for All initiative. The MHFA believes that there are many opportunities where Multicultural Ambassadors can reflect the cultural diversity in the community and be an asset to the Foundation by improving current engagement practices in providing culturally appropriate mental health services.                                           

The Mental Health Foundation Australia’s implementation of this National Multicultural Ambassador program will allow the multicultural community to identify, plan and implement key initiatives that promote and create awareness of mental health. It also helps remove the stigma and myths surrounding mental illness while also developing critical workforce skills and networking opportunities within diverse communities. By establishing a multicultural platform, the MHFA can better respond to all requests for assistance in a relevant ethnic context, ensuring that support is provided at the right time and appropriately.


Role Description


The role of the Multicultural Ambassadors is to connect the Mental Health Foundation Australia board and staff with CALD communities and to promote and create more awareness of the Foundation’s activities. We are intent on being a vehicle for engagement and inclusion to reach out to more than 7 million Australians born overseas.

This program’s aim is to provide community leaders with an official platform to become involved in the introduction and coordination of mental health-related programs within their communities. The forum also provides opportunities for professional development and social engagement.


How to apply?


Make a difference by joining the program by clicking here: Apply Now

We invite you to consider and take up this opportunity to become a leader in multicultural mental health. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone: 03 9826 1422 | email: 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your positive response. For more information, please refer to the booklet.


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